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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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phase. moving down to administrative operating cost. one item i'd like to note is the salary and benefit adjustment. this was approved by the board in may of 2013. that's what approval from the study that was recently produced. in the last -- one of the last items is expenditure is the equipment, furniture, and fixture and i asked the committee -- it implements a new accounting system. we're looking at a one time adjustment for this fiscal year for 4,000 and we're
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looking to go live within the next six months. because of this one time project, we need to adjust the 20 prop k, 2013 strategic baseline which allows tax proceeds to go toward administration, programming, planning and project delivery oversight to support the prop k program because the system will need to adjust this to 6.7 percent for this fiscal year. and last but not least, we have -- in other finances resources because of the large amount of expenditures we don't anticipate, there's no need for the $470 million issuance the bond and we're able to afford to start paying down our $115 million outstanding commercial program as well. it is great news that we can start paying this program and we hope to see to pay this program down in the next five years. with
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that, the cac received briefing of this item and had no -- we voted on this item. with that i'd like to offer the opportunity for you to ask any questions on this budget and amendment item. >> colleagues any questions. seeing none one in the queue. we should open up for public comment at this time. any public comment on item number 6. seeing none, public comment is closed for item number 6. clerk, this is an action item. >> cohen. >> aye. >> farrell. >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> wiener. >> wiener absent. >> the item passes. >> great, this item passes. thank you very much for the presentation. >> madam clerk, could you read item number 7. introduction of new items. >> does anyone have any new
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items? seeing no new items. i like to take general public comment at this time. okay. seeing there's no public comment. public comment is closed. madam clerk is there any other further business. >> adjournment. >> this meeting is (clapping) >> so thank you all for coming out this morning, i'm edward reiskin i'm the director of transportation here in san francisco. happy to see you all here we're
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going to need everybody's help here today. where i will start we're lucky san francisco is a great city and one of the most walkable city if not in the world it attracts people here. it's a great city to walk around and be in. however, we we have a problem and the problem is people are getting killed in our streets and that shouldn't be happening pr it's unacceptable people are getting killed my seriously injured it's traefblg not only for the families especially for the families to whom it happens but for our whole city but the good news is it's preventable every one of those dedicates and
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serious injuries is preventable. the good news behind that is that we have great leadership in the city as manifested by the strong and power showing of folks behind me that are focused and committed and dedicated to preventing those serious collisions and fatality collisions so we get the benefits of our beautiful walkable city without worrying about getting hurt or killed. at the top of that primer is our chief collective who has brought people together to solve problems. i think what we're going to talk about today is the epitomize any so it's my enclosure to welcome to the mike mayor ed lee. (clapping.) >> thank you, ed for that
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introduction. of course, i prefer being outside somebody said it might rain but i'd love to be drenched by rain it's good for our city i want to thank you all the board of supervisors who have been with the pedestrian safety strategic with me. not only myself and personal resident and residential leaders of different community each supervisor a has given me the personal accounts of the dangerous intersection of the people who were lost of severely injured it's personal. i want to say today rather than having years where all of us in office are saying we're sorry for something to happen we'll rather be saying thank you for you for yielding and not running
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the red lights and thank you for not speeding. that's also going to be better than saying i'm sorry. this is what groups have taught us advocates in they're right and well deserving they have a loud voice not city but we should have loud easier and hearing about more being thankful. it begins with what was yourness you've heard about the awareness program that muni and other agencies are proechlt through attorneys whether it's radio or television or 3ri7bd materials on our buses we'll get them on the taxi spaces to get people to make sure that they know they can make themselves safer and
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drivers need to be safer and everybody on the road safer. the awareness champion can't work on its own. a good part of that and i'm always tafl to our police department is an increase of 12 percent i want to thank. them i know there's other valuable time by they okay. this is important preventing deaths and injuries. i will say to you this i've asked the police department awhile i do an awareness champion that says be nice and look twice i'm asking my officers not to be so nice enforcement is about the discipline in people's behavior they're not going to be nice when they see persons not
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yielding when red lights are run, and when speeding occurs puc. i'm asking our police officers not to be nice because that enforcement should have effects on people's behavior. supervisor avalos and supervisor chiu and all the intrifrz we don't want to say we're sorry. last year was the highest number of faltsdz in our city and traffic collisions we need to do more about it. so we're unveiling that and reminding everyone that traffic enforcement will be there throughout the city and we have evidence to back it up. the pedestrian strategic group that's he represented behind me
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buts by everyone and advocacy groups have taken a look at at the data that's improved more and more and built upon straevenlz of other cities and we've come up with a provided list of areas in of the city that represents the 6 percent of the street grids they end up being the sites where the fatalities happen and we need to focus on those right now and right away. even though we have $50 million embedded in the bond that we plan to present to the voters in november the transportation infrastructure bond we have come up with an immediate $17 million to promote the walk first
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program in san francisco. it's literally taking the highest percentage of intersections and streets and kindergartners and putting some designs of safety idea in plays play. for example, i'll give you a few examples that represents across the city of the locations. sutter street throughout sutter street signal timing changes and continental contractions and on folsom street and improved at the city clerk's office ton and striping changes on silver across the town and many trrnz claiming gary and palm and 6th and 16th and moo sonic and
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specifically by request i wasn't the first one to think of this we're going to put the 13 at the yorba and that speeding is unacceptable awhile we're waiting for the 13 i've specifically asked our chief and he's responded with a specifics officer to catch people so we're going to make the city safer. this is our mandate we're tired of saying we're sorry. we're putting money serious money behind this are i know the group as identified over $275 million of work and this 50
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million we're identifying in november against that the 17 million we're identified by various sources i want to thank you. the to the agencies for getting the first 17 million started ahead in the touchy areas of the city. it's more than just about commitment. we stood here months before and said we care about the city's safer whether it's awareness or a higher level of enforcement or putting things into the streets that make sure from the physical standpoint a better and more efficient and safer areas for people to walk and ride and continue promoting the city as the most walkable city anywhere
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no, the country we can't do that unless we support that very fine goal of being the most walkable city. so i say to you today, we're acting on this today and i appreciate the people's efforts it's not enough it's not fast enough people are going to say but the thing i want to say the people who drive in the city slow down. you've got to slow down all the construction trucks with a great indication of our economic recovery have got to slow down. all the people that >> emergency vehicles have to be sure what they're doing is the safety and most efficient way to provide that service we
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need to slow down and promote people looking both ways before they cross the street taking that supra precaution for themselves and their families. we're going to be doing that through education and enforcement and good solid investment we're given around historic comments. i think this the comprehensive and we're going to keep the safe groups working with us and the advocate so we'll respond efficiently. i thank our police and fire and all departments. for the departments that are implementing these things whether the public works or other puc or dbi all the other agencies working together we'll honor all their efforts when we
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get the changes and i'll see these improvements being done this year. our police department is looking at other ways to use technology but those ideas will come forth as we get the appropriate funding to make the technology work for us boarder in deeper ways. thank you very much (clapping.) thank you, mr. mayor. and thanks for your leadership your office leadership of the atomic force the development of the strategy for which walk first, the initiative we wouldn't be able to do it without the leadership from the mayor's office it takes all the community and folks to make this happen. the other leadership t is from
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the government i want to bring up the president of the board of supervisors who in his role as president in his role as representative from the board on the capital planning committee and as his role as someone that represents the district that has the biggest goal of the pedestrian safety please help me welcome board president supervisor chiu. i want to thank all the folks for walking together in this important announcement i want to thank the police department and the mayor and the dbi and planning i want to thank walk sf and all agencies. i'm proud felt fact our board of supervisors is united and want to thank supervisor yee and
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supervisor jane kim and other in this groundbreaking. in my first term you are participated in a number of agencies standing behind me. i think is it fair to say we're frustrated at the fact it was difficult to get on the same payment and hold ourselves account. its easy to say we support pedestrian safety but it's hard to focus and sometimes, it takes a crisis and we've had 21 dedicates 3 incident a day. those victims are our mothers and fathers our daughters and sons and brothers and sisters this is unacceptable. this is why we have to come together to create a real opportunity let me say this if
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swede can do this we can it's an innovative program to make sure we get this done. i want to thank all the city agencies to put aside our differences and we have to in the coming months do this again come together and put aside the narrow differences on the issue and come and unit on issues on the november booklet to fund the pedestrian safety improvement. thank you all for being here and looked forward to this work together (clapping.) thank you, president chow and one of another partner that the transportation authority thank you tilly chang she's one of the leaders in the city. the transportation authority is governed by an 11 member commission it happens to be the
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same commission it sits as our board of supervisors and they're led by a great advocate for equality and safety and transportation please welcome the chairman john avalos (clapping.) thank you, ed i'm really glad to be sharing this room with our city departments and the mayor. president of the board of my colleagues who have taken giant steps around the pedestrian safety supervisor yee and he supervisor jane kim and in particular i want to emphasize where we're at we're at a place to do new ways of business. we have about that as supervisor chiu discussed we've been tied and held back by dysfunction
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that can no longer happen. i've really dedicated the staff and transportation authorized to work closely that the mta and the public works and the department of pubt and the controller's office to do everything we can of new because of business. we've established a new committee to look at how to expedite our 24 projects in 24 months to make sure we're putting an infrastructure in place where it's noted to protect pedestrians but we're focusing only neighborhoods that are impacted. i can't say enough the south of tenderloin needs our help and port to make their neighborhoods safer. mayor ed lee committed new resources for the pedestrian
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safety in the transportation authority we'll be k34i789d up to $10 million to improve the outcomes. i represent a neighborhood of san francisco south of 280 that not a week goes by you don't hear from several people asking for traffic coming. this is necessary to hone in to make the improvements in place and radical dozen. i want to thank the controller's office bringing forward the planning for walk first. i think it's significant that behind the scenes the controller's office this is a been working with city departments to come down and work collaboratively to protect the pedestrians all over the
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city. thank you (clapping.) thank you chair avalos. as i think you've heard one of the themes is this is something we're all unified behind and i want to acknowledge part of the leaders of that unity the woman who represents the district that has the significant challenges with regard to pedestrian safety and raised the bar supervisor jane kim. please give her a hand (clapping) and from the other end of the city someone in officer who has made pedestrian safety a key policy issue stemming from the pointed he was a victim of a pedestrian collision and someone who's brought leadership to the issue i think this week and restarting the students crossing
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graduate program i'd like to recognition from district 7 supervisor yee (clapping) it's not just the folks inside the building of city family that's going to make that successful its stakeholders and 0 advocates from the outside to make sure we understand the problems where they are and what the issues are and who are pushing us to move faster and the leading voice we have in n that regard comes from walk sf a small and power energetic associations that helps to make san francisco the great place for walking please join me in walk sf nicole smooirth
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>> thank you all i'm so honored to be here standing beside our mayor and the board of supervisors who have is shown their leadership and many how more this is a dream for pedestrian advocates to be standing beside so many leaders who are an advocate. this is a change i want to draw attention to the city staff i want to give them a really big round of applause (clapping) walk first is a way for us to get to vision zero, zero traffic fatalities in one year this year as others have said our
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dangerous street are 6 percent of our injuries. we can strategically focus our money to those dangerous you are dangerous streets walk first helps to address those through the low-cost treatment and we're excited to see those following supervisor jane kim's lead on 6th street and market street. too many lives have been lost and i'm really excited to hear the mayor talk about not saying sorry anywhere and really doing what we can to prevent the injuries. vision zero and walk first are about real people like you and me and sophie this sibling
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didn't come home. another person is dealing with a broken career and injuries. we know we can do this first san francisco and we can be nauseating and come together and we're a great city to showing swede we can achieve vision zero. i want to reiterate our thanks to sf staff and as we move forward with our partners to advocate 0 for funding to make sure those - courage more people to walk in san francisco. thank you (clapping.) thanks north america coal it's
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welcome and it continues to push us for the record. we're luck n i didn't in the city when it comes to public safety we have two of the finest chiefs in the country i wanted to thank chief joanne and his wife and other first responders. we want to reduce the workload for them as part of the process i want to thank that staff and our real efforts there's safety and engineering and at the sfmta we play a supporting role and that's in improvement we can there's a lot we can do with the data we have and a lot we can do to design our streets better a lot we can do to make more
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people aware everyone needs to not pay attention to trodden device but need to make sure that people are following the laws that's one of the most important things we can do to make the roads safer. the chief behind that for the has been helped by board of supervisors that have added police academies but the leadership to deploy those leaderships to make sure we're endorsing the laws is being done very well by our chief of police chief suhr >> i too want to echo the support i get from all the
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people behind me our mayor number one priority is our roads are safety i can't do that without our partners board of supervisors and other on this remedying and the mta and our community partners walk sf and the bicycle coalition. when i became chief the mayor and i spoke about public safety early on. in february we had the second time in 50 years with no homicides yet some padded pedestrian was killed on the street we've had more people killed on the streets of san francisco by vehicles than by homicide. we intended to attack this trying to get a handle on gun violence and violent crime in


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